Founder and chairman

“Act with professionalism and speak with facts.”

Devil,Founder and chairman of Guangdong Waterfront Brand Marketing Management.Senior domestic brand trader and strategist;


Founder of Waterfront Brand Planning Co., LTD., lead the strategy formulation and implementation landing of a number of brand projects. Provide customers with comprehensive solutions and core ideas from brand construction to product planning, from brand design and promotion, brand packaging design to product planning, and integrated marketing practice, and accumulate a large number of outstanding works and successful cases. Win a wide range of trust and reputation in the industry, accumulate 2000 cooperative enterprises. 

刘斯鸣Spring Liu
Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO of In the Water Brand Marketing Management



Love life, love challenges. Love my work and my choice of career. Enjoy the work and more than that, the sense of fulfillment.

Believe in Buddhism. Passionate about reading, years of experience in the industry. Passionate work attitude.

Clear thinking. Unique cognition, true degree of view of the wild, insight into the laws of the industry, so as to capture the spirit of the market key.



Guangzhou Branch CEO

 Treat the program from the perspective of commercial aesthetics, treat the product with the direction of market consumption, and treat the customer with a sincere and professional attitude. Engaged in market work for many years, more in-depth understanding of the needs of enterprises, not to benefit from the potential to power to take its cooperation, only to become its long-term strategic partners. The so-called young, is the heart with dreams and hopes, I will do life with the consciousness of life。

Head of planning department

 Giving new ideas is a work of art. Give the mind, is the brand also. 

Rooted in the field of brand planning and advertising copy for many years, I have unique insights into the development of the industry, and make good use of ideas and words throughout the brand to activate the brand soul. Rationalize the process of thinking and execution, and realize the optimal configuration of the brand. The vision should be high, the pattern should be large, and the path should be “ A surname; . I believe that the market is open and there are opportunities for any brand!
Head of Production Department

 Not piecemeal, but piecemeal. It's not about size, it's about size. Carve life with your hands, measure the world with your heart, and express yourself with work。

Head of Drawing Department

 Brand value comes from the market, market value comes from consumption, and consumption value comes from you and me. The so-called brand, mostly from life. You and I are the creators of the brand, with the drawing pen of life, to depict the most gorgeous scenery

Head of 3D Modeling Department

 Three-dimensional performance is never limited, we have been shuttling back and forth between reality and virtual, from more different angles to seek breakthroughs, redefine 3D new vision. Reality and virtual free switching, technology and creativity parallel, the world and the vision of inspiration collaboration. Dimensional walls, they don't exist!